Sunny Wilkinson

Joining some of LA’s best studio musicians, Sunny presents her unique take on some jazz classics, as well as some of the best contemporary Latin-fusion tunes.

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vocals:  Sunny Wilkinson
piano & synths:  Bill Cantos
bass:  Jerry Watts Jr.
drums:  Michael Shapiro
guitar:  Vin D’Onofrio, Grant Geissman,
Frank Potenza

alto sax:  Gary Meek
tenor sax:   Scott Mayo
percussion:  Richie Gajate Garcia, Michael Shapiro
background vocals:  Tim Baker, Bill Cantos, Thaddeus Corea, Iris Ibarcena, Kevyn Lettau

Producer:Michael Shapiro
Arrangers: Bill Cantos, Michael Shapiro, Sunny Wilkinson