“Sunny’s multi-octave vocals are delivered with passion and perfection … intimate ballads and up-tempo gems are offered with an emotional and thoughtful approach that her listeners are sure to enjoy.”
– Paula Edelstein, Sounds of Timeless Jazz – about Into The Light

“A tasty listening adventure, this is a must for those that like some art with their swing.”
– Chris Spector, Midwest Record – about Into The Light

“Wilkinson’s voice is better than ever, using a slight vibrato, a non-stylized, personal approach with soulful inflections, unbeatable supercharged scatting, crystal clear enunciations, and a full tone.” Michael G Nastos, All Music Guide

“She’s one of those rare happenings: a natural jazz singer who can phrase and improvise with all the confidence of an instrumentalist.”
-Harvey Siders, Valley News

“While scat is often simply described as nonsense syllables singing, when Sunny sings, it takes on a whole new meaning. Her scat syllables soar and swoop from ceiling to floor, with screeches and staccatos, stops and stutters, lulls and legatos, falls and flutters. From strong and powerful to soft and sensual, she expresses and caresses feelings and passions that words never could—accentuating and punctuating with question marks and exclamation points at will.”

“Wilkinson’s precise intonation and remarkable flexibility are shown to perfection. By carefully inflecting the lyrics, some written by the artist, she achieves a range of colors that imparts new meanings to standards and show her assimilation of modern timbres.”
– Cherilee Wadsworth Walker

“What also makes this CD special is that it celebrates Sunny’s soaring, swooping vocals in a lush setting of challenging and well-executed musical arrangements.”
– Sheila Landis, Detroit Jazz

“… Wilkinson would fit in very well if {Chick} Corea ever chose to re-form Return to Forever, his great acoustic band of the early 1970s…”
– Lynn René Bayley, The Art Music Lounge – about Into The Light

“…Wilkinson tosses off double-time licks with impunity”
– Lynn René Bayley, The Art Music Lounge – about Into The Light

“’Electron Dance’ …is surely one of the album’s great highlights, showing off Wilkinson’s chops as well as her ability to slip into a bit of growl tone in her lower
– Lynn René Bayley, The Art Music Lounge – about Into The Light

”I love this CD from top to bottom. It’s just so exquisite. Everything she sings is so right. The little different sounds in her voice and the way she sustains things. And Tom’s playing is magnificent.” Gene Bertoncini – about Gentle Time